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In today’s fast moving society, space to contain everything we hold dear or necessary is always in short supply.  That's why our self storage solution is the ideal answer your problems.  You may need storage for a wide variety of reasons including:

  • Home Movers requiring temporary storage for their furniture and belongings
  • House Sellers looking to de-clutter their homes for interested viewers
  • Home Owners downsizing their property or stuck in a moving chain
  • Property Renovators, Landlords and Developers requiring that extra storage facility
  • Businesses needing to store valuable stock, archives or promotional/exhibition materials
  • National businesses looking for a city hub for onward distribution
  • Students looking to avoid taking their possessions home between terms
  • Avid collectors of all types with more acquisitions than room to contain them
  • And plenty more.......
Why Us?

The following advantages of storing with West Side Storage include:

  • Your valuable storage remains clean and dry in strong, durable purpose built containers
  • Personal access is readily available at ALL times throughout the year. Day and night
  • Drive right up to your door for convenience when loading and unloading with plenty of room
  • No long term commitment necessary. You choose the length of time you wish to stay
  • CCTV Surveillance gives you added peace of mind
  • Goods are protected by our high security locks where you hold the key
  • You’ll find our storage is very affordable. There are no hidden charges to worry about
  • Our payment terms are simple – and we’ll give you your money back for any unused days
Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions. The list may not cover all of your questions so if you do have a question not answered here please do not hesitate to contact us on 07780 332 103 (or by clicking the button above) for further professional assistance.

You will have your own key for the main gate.  So you choose when you arrive, day or night.

You are given two keys as standard for your lock and one for the main gate.

Yes, There is a minimum of one month, after that you only pay for the time you use your Self Storage unit. All we ask is you pay for your unit in advance every month. When your keys are returned any unused days are refunded.

Yes. Our newbuild steel units are secured against all weather conditions.

No. As our containers are modern we have very few problems unlike those associated with older containers. It should be remembered, however, that containers are unheated and condensation occurs when temperatures fall and there is already moisture in the unit. This can be avoided by storing your dry items in the unit on a dry day and the use of moisture traps within the unit.

We find that most clients prefer to pay a competitive price for quality storage and then make their own insurance arrangements if required.

There is a minimum hire period  of one month, after that you can end the contract at any time.

All of our containers are protected by a high security padlock, Spring Loaded Floor Bolt, Backing Plates, CCTV and high security steel fencing.

Storage Tips

Good quality, mindful packaging and storage of your items is key to the longevity and protection of your valued possessions.

  • Use good quality boxes, well filled to prevent collapsing
  • Label your boxes for easy identification
  • Keep a list of all your stored goods for future reference
  • Protect all fragile items with bubble wrap
  • If you are storing fridges or freezers, leave the doors open for increased ventilation
  • Avoid the possibility of condensation by moving furniture or heavy items away from the walls of the container. Use dehumidifier moisture traps to remove excess moisture that may cause condensation
  • Cover your items with dust covers to avoid dust settlement
  • And of great importance….Leave the items you are most frequently to need, at the front of the container for easy access!

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